XSB Distribution

XSB Distribution

In preparation for the launch of Lightning Rewards 2.0. As well as to send sincere thanks to the community, who have been with Solareum since the very beginning. We are thrilled to inform you about the new XSB distribution. This is also one of our efforts to send 50% of the total supply of XSB to the community, which we have mentioned in the White paper from the very beginning.

How it works?

Every day, Solareum users will be able to complete one roll call task on the app, after taking attendance you will immediately receive an amount of XSB corresponding to the amount of XSB you are holding. If you do regular attendance every day, the number of XSB tokens you receive in 1 year will be more than APR = 20%+.


  • You are holding 10.000 XSB
  • With the APR = 20%→ Every time you do a roll call task 0.055% of tokens you are holding will be add in your balance, 10.000 * 0.055% = 5.5 XSB
  • So, with 10,000 XSB and completing the mission. Every day, you'll receive 5.5+ XSB
  • Moreover, we will use compound interest function to maximize profit for holders, the amount of XSB you receive will also be used to calculate the amount of XSB that you receive the next day.

Benefits for referrers

We are grateful to those who helped Solareum spread the XSB to more users. Therefore, we have also updated the algorithm to help referrers get an unlimited amount of XSB through referring Solareum to friends and relatives.

For each task from the referrer, the referrer will also receive a corresponding amount of XSB tokens, with an income of 0.015% on each task. The number of XSBs that users receive will be unlimited. It depends on the number of users they refer and the amount of XSB tokens each user is holding.


  • Referred person is holding 10,000 XSB.
  • With an interest of 0.015%. → 10,000 * 0.015% = 1.5 XSB
  • So, for each turn of the referral's task, the referrer will receive 1.5 XSB.

Will the 20% interest rate cause instability in the ecosystem?

  • We understand that the journey ahead is still very long. And the early support should pay off. Therefore, APR = 20%+ is acceptable at the moment. Absolutely no long-term instability.
  • Moreover, every quarter, we will review, and adjust interest rates to better suit the current situation. As well as to help the sustainable development of the entire system.


Solareum is a project for the community and we will always try to bring the best experience to users as well as listen to users' opinions and give the next development orientation for Solareum. Thank you for your interest in the project. We hope that the popularization of XSB is a stepping stone for the Lightning Rewards ecosystem to thrive in the near future.