What role will Solareum play in Web 3?

What role will Solareum play in Web 3?


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What role will Solareum play in Web 3?
What role will Solareum play in Web 3?
Simplify: Solareum (XSB)
Simplify: Solareum (XSB)
Solareum aims to push crypto payments go to mainstream in 2022
Solareum aims to push crypto payments go to mainstream in 2022
Solareum introduces a new feature: Syncing users' private keys to the cloud
Solareum introduces a new feature: Syncing users' private keys to the cloud
Solareum x Moonpay
Solareum x Moonpay
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How to use Moonpay on Solareum?
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How to connect to Solareum Wallet?


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What role will Solareum play in Web 3?

Over the past few days, we have talked a lot about web 3 - its history, practical applications as well as projects that will well support this new era of the Internet.Now let’s take a closer look at Solareum and why it can help you connect to the world of Web 3.


Solareum is shaping up to be a widely used crypto wallet with the desire to provide users with decentralized financial tools and a payment protocol for many other applications through Lightning Reward.

With the motto: “No one is left behind”, our main course is to reach over 10M+ users and get them ready for the new era of the Internet - Web 3

So how can we do that? Read the below instruction to find out.


What we currently have?

A mobile wallet app

Solareum will help you store, send and receive all SPL tokens. Moreover it build on Solana blockchain so the transaction fee is really cheap

After upgrading the system, Solareum has become safer and faster than before. However, team solareum encourages you to import wallets like Sollet or Phantom into Solareum to simultaneously trade on the web, as well as use Solareum to trade on your phone.


Serum DEX client

Serum DEX is an Order Book transaction processing system on Solana. The way it works is not like the DEX exchanges you see today (using liquidity pools). Serum dex uses order books like traditional exchanges

This will be more secure than liquidity pool-based exchanges. Rug Pull will never happen for serum dex

Serum Dex can be understood as a decentralized transaction protocol based on Solana. So what is Serum DEX missing? It is missing a nice shirt/interface, easy to manipulate for users. Therefore, we will focus on developing Serum DEX Client to help people transact more easily on phones in the future. Promises to bring you a seamless trading experience like on traditional CEX exchanges

Swap features (Jupiter, 1SOL)

Never miss any investment opportunities when you can use built-in DEX to swap token at the best prices, instantly and securely.

Social feature

We will keep updating information about Solana and other projects on Solana’s ecosystem daily so that you could make appropriate decision when investing in this market.

In the future, this will develop as an application that is “contribute-to-earn” platform where everyone can share their knowledge about crypto industry and discuss with each other completely anonymously.

What plan for next year? and the following years?

Lightning Reward

This is our first priority in next year plan. So what is Lightning Reward?

It can be understood that Lightning Rewards is a tool to make it easier for you to disseminate crypto to everyone. Solareum will allow each person to generate a link to receive XSB, then will update that link to individual profiles on social networks. To be able to easily get XSB from others

At the same time, Solareum also provides an SDK that developers can easily integrate into their applications. Help the popularity of XSB become more widespread

Build & grow the digital economy with our payment protocol, which allows you tip, donate or buy on any platform, anywhere at blazing-fast speed.

For example: If you are an influencer such as youtuber, tiktoker you can generate and update a link in your profile so that you can easily get XSB by those who want to tip/send you money and the sender’s identity will be completely confidential

⇒ The birth of lightning reward will act as a bridge between the current web 2 era and the future web 3 era

More decentralized finance tools

Swapping is not enough to thrive in crypto market, so we want to integrate more features such as lending/borrowing, add liquidity, farming application.

Hence in the future we will try our best to reach out others amazing project on Solana’s ecosystem to help us fulfil this quest.

App Development dx.cafe 7

Bring the forum to a new level, making it easier for users to interact with the forum. At the same time, this will also be the first application to integrate Lightning Rewards - Payment Protocol. Help people understand the benefits that the crypto world will bring. dx.cafe will operate in the form of contribute-to-earn. Below are some of the features that will be integrated into the app:

  • Login by using Solareum Wallet through Lightning Reward
  • Rewards/Tips XSB for users through Lightning Rewards.

Integrate Lightning Reward to GoSunny - https://goingsunny.com/ 12

English is always a hot topic. Many countries around the world are still spending a lot of resources to promote people to learn and use English more. Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China… are countries in Asia that have a great need to learn English.

Integrated Lightning Rewards, allowing the GoSunny go global application to be easier. Because English learners can give tips/rewards to English teachers in different countries through XSB, easily and quickly.

GoSunny will operate in the form, learn-to-earn and contribute-to-earn. Some features of Lightning Rewards will be integrated into GoSunny such as:

  • Login with Solareum Wallet through Lightning Rewards.
  • Rewards/Tips to users with XSB through Lightning Rewards.
  • Pay tuition through Lightning Rewards.

Integrate XSB into fighting games

Team Solareum will develop or acquire a basic fighting game. With the goal of helping users understand how Lightning Rewards will be used in play-to-earn.

The fighting game will allow users to login with Solareum Wallet through Lightning Rewards. Then 2 people will deposit a small amount to start the game. When the game ends, the winner will receive 90% of the bonus, the system will receive 10%.

NFT collections in multiverse

NTF was not part of Solareum’s main plan at the beginning. But as you say, the heat of NFT is too great, and we don’t want to stay out of this big game.

After all of our plans gradually come into orbit. Our side will spend resources to support users to transfer and receive NTF on the application.

What makes Solareum different?

The biggest difference of the project is using 50% of the token to airdrop to users with the goal of popularizing crypto for newcomers as well as for them to experience the ecosystem that Solareum is developing.

We focus on new users and make it easy for them to use crypto applications in financial markets as well as in daily life so the features we develop will not be too complicated and always highly realistic

Despite its young age, Solareum is gradually taking its place in the market with:

  • Over 100k downloads
  • About 50k wallets holding XSB tokens
  • Cooperate with famous projects in the market like Jupiter Aggregator, 1Sol, Millionsy and many more in the near future
  • Strong community with 26k followers on Twitter


We hope this article has helped you understand more about Solareum’s goals and how we can help you get ready for the web 3 era.

Please continue to follow and support the project. It promises to be a lot more interesting things to come in the near future.


Solareum team