What is Lightning Rewards?

What is Lightning Rewards?

As mentioned in previous posts, Solareum Wallet is more than just a crypto wallet for Solana. But the team also shaped itself to become a pioneer in developing payment protocols for web3.0.

In fact, no one knows what the shape of web3 will be. Because I understand that reality will always exceed our wildest dreams. There is only one way to ensure that you do not fall behind, and that is to begin doing so right now.

And Lightning Rewards is one such protocol. Know that the road to web3 will be quite thorny. So Lightning Reward will start with the simplest things, which is to connect the future world with the digital world we live in now. To help more people see the benefits of blockchain.

To understand what Lightning Rewards is, you can refer to Twitter Tips - Bringing Tips to everyone 9. Combined with Solareum Wallet, Lightning Rewards is a protocol that can be easily integrated with 3rd parties, making it possible for people to transfer money back and forth, cross-platform, multi-modal, not encapsulated. in that you have to open your phone and enter your friend’s address to transfer money to them.

Most importantly, the Private Key will never leave your phone when using Lightning Rewards.

The following is an example of how Lightning Rewards can be used:

  • When you visit Tinhte to read a good post, you can immediately thank the author with a single tap.
  • Instead of app developers issuing their own points, you can use points-collecting apps that interface with Lightning Reward - XSB.
  • Lightning Reward - XSB can be used to activate future digital services.

Lightning Rewards will creep into every corner of your life. In a way that even We can’t imagine.

Solareum team