Upcoming Plans

Upcoming Plans

Solareum Wallet - Payment Protocol - Crypto Wallet for millions of users. We aim to connect the current digital world into the future of decentralization - web3.0.

For Solareum, metaverse or web3.0 will be an open world, developed and completed by all crypto and blockchain loving communities. And Solareum wishes to be a part of that new world. Make the world of web3.0 better over time.

Solarum is more than just a crypto wallet for millions of users. We also define ourselves as a Payment Protocol for the decentralized world. Where people can transfer and receive XSB tokens in different ways through many different platforms.

As you probably know, the journey to the world of metaverseweb3.0 is just in the first steps. Therefore, Solareum’s next goal for the next 2 years is to bridge the current web2.0 digital world with the future web3.0 world.

This can be considered as a stepping stone to help the current digital world grow faster, as well as an early step for Solareum into the new world, an open and decentralized world.

Lightning Rewards

This is the Payment Protocol that Solareum will develop, based on the combination of the existing Solareum Wallet, with the support of the XSB token.

Lightning Rewards will be a set of SDKs/Libs/APIs that help software developers to easily integrate XSB transfer/pay right on their apps or games. Cross-platform, multi-connect.

Moreover, Lightning Rewards can also become a tool to log into applications, replacing Google, Facebook or AppleID. So your personal information will be completely secure, you are completely free in the open world in the future.

Upcoming plans

Hopefully, through these upcoming projects, you will somewhat imagine what Lightning Rewards is, and what the future web3.0 will look like.

Continue to develop Serum dex client

Rivers may be shallow, mountains can wear. But OrderBook DEX will never change. With the development and optimization of Serum DEX for clients. Solareum wants to bring a smooth experience of the centralized world to the decentralized world. Help users gradually trust more in the future of web3.0. It also helps users not to miss any investment opportunities while on the go.

Change WealthClub.vn 9 into dx.cafe 14

With the goal of turning dx.cafe into a forum for global users. People can use dx.cafe to discuss crypto, financial issues, in English or their own language.

App Development dx.cafe

Bring the forum to a new level, making it easier for users to interact with the forum. At the same time, this will also be the first application to integrate Lightning Rewards - Payment Protocol. Help people understand the benefits that the crypto world will bring. dx.cafe will operate in the form of contribute-to-earn. Below are some of the features that will be integrated into the app:

  • Login by using Solareum Wallet through Lightning Reward
  • Rewards/Tips XSB for users through Lightning Rewards.

Integrate Lightning Reward to GoSunny

English is always a hot topic. Many countries around the world are still spending a lot of resources to promote people to learn and use English more. Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China… are countries in Asia that have a great need to learn English.

Integrated Lightning Rewards, allowing the GoSunny go global application to be easier. Because English learners can give tips/rewards to English teachers in different countries through XSB, easily and quickly.

GoSunny will operate in the form, learn-to-earn and contribute-to-earn. Some features of Lightning Rewards will be integrated into GoSunny such as:

  • Login with Solareum Wallet through Lightning Rewards.
  • Rewards/Tips to users with XSB through Lightning Rewards.
  • Pay tuition through Lightning Rewards.

Integrate XSB into fighting games

Team Solareum will develop or acquire a basic fighting game. With the goal of helping users understand how Lightning Rewards will be used in play-to-earn.

The fighting game will allow users to login with Solareum Wallet through Lightning Rewards. Then 2 people will deposit a small amount to start the game. When the game ends, the winner will receive 90% of the bonus, the system will receive 10%.

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