Terms of use

Terms of use


Hello friends,

Solareum Wallet is a Cryptocurrency Wallet for Millions of Users. Helping you fulfill all your daily needs, anytime, anywhere, right on your phone.

We currently offer 2 main features:– Wallet: Allows you to create a Solana wallet, store and transfer SPL tokens conveniently and quickly, right on your phone.– Serum DEX: Allows you to quickly trade tokens supported on the SPL platform, on the go, right on your phone, anytime, anywhere. Help you not to miss any investment opportunities.

What data does Solareum Wallet collect

Solareum Wallet hardly stores or collects any of your information. All information is taken from the Solana blockchain.

During the Airdrop process, it is possible that Solareum Wallet will ask you to provide a phone number. This is to ensure that an individual can only receive the airdrop once. The phone number you provide will be encrypted and stored on Solareum’s server, for the purpose of matching future airdrop requests. Because it’s encrypted, even the Solareum team can’t retrieve your phone number information.

Solareum Wallet does not collect any of your personal information, nor does the process of linking information to determine who the real user is. We have never had this intention, and always will be.

Where will your personal data be stored?

Your personal data, if any, will be stored on Solareum’s server, and backed up continuously over time. We are committed not to share any of your information (if any) with any 3rd party, unless there is intervention from a public authority.

What devices and sensors may be activated during the use of the app?

During the use of the application, Solareum Wallet may request to access your Camera, to enter the address through QR code scanning. Information obtained from the camera will not be stored or transferred outside of your device.

Wish you have a good experience on Solareum Wallet, and success on the road to financial freedom in the future.

Solareum team