Solareum Wallet: How to use safely?

Solareum Wallet: How to use safely?


Hello friends,Solareum Wallet has just been launched, so there are still many backlog problems. The team received a message that some of you could not recover your wallet. We would like to offer some temporary solutions to help you use Solareum Wallet safely:

1, We encourage you to create a wallet on Phantom or Sollet, and import that wallet into Solareum. To make sure you can access the wallet at all times, should any problem occur with Solareum Wallet.

2, If you don’t have access to Phantom or Sollet. Before transferring money to the SOL wallet, try to restore the wallet using the same security code of the newly created Wallet. Absolutely do not use the Wallet if it is not recoverable. And limit reinstalling the app to avoid losing the security code.

3, Do not transfer too much money to Solareum Wallet until we ensure that the system is stable.

4, You can try to familiarize yourself with Serum DEX, but don’t order too large, order small to better understand Serum DEX and how it works.

5, You might want to send some XSB onto Trust Wallet, lets follow this instruction

Solareum team