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Solareum Plan 2023
Solareum Integrates FIO Send to Simplify Cryptocurrency Transactions
Solareum Partners with FIO Protocol to Make Sending Crypto as Easy as Sending an Email
Lightning Rewards SDK
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What is Lightning Rewards?
How to connect to Solareum Wallet?
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What role will Solareum play in Web 3?
What role will Solareum play in Web 3?
Simplify: Solareum (XSB)
Simplify: Solareum (XSB)
Solareum aims to push crypto payments go to mainstream in 2022
Solareum aims to push crypto payments go to mainstream in 2022
Solareum introduces a new feature: Syncing users' private keys to the cloud
Solareum introduces a new feature: Syncing users' private keys to the cloud
Solareum x Moonpay
Solareum x Moonpay
How to use Moonpay on Solareum?
How to use Moonpay on Solareum?
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How to connect to Solareum Wallet?


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Solareum: Q&A


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Solareum: Q&A

How can Solareum Wallet be believed?

This project can be trusted due to these following reasons:_ We have already publish our app on App Store which mean there is a company sponsored for this app_ We didn’t receive any profit from you while doing the airdrop. The SOL cost to mint token is for the Solana blockchain as every SPL token need._ We already have product, beside this airdrop you can use our wallet to store and access to serum dex on your phone.

1. Why can’t I send messages in the Solareum Wallet telegram group?

Currently because the group’s visits are too crowded. We would like to admit that we were not well prepared for such a large amount of traffic. So we will temporarily turn off the group messaging feature, so that the project can better inform you. Messaging will be considered reopening as soon as possible.

2. Why delay the Airdrop?

Yesterday, we witnessed an unprecedented number of visits, causing the system to be completely paralyzed. We’re still investigating to see where the cause came from. To avoid XSB being transferred to unwanted people. Our side temporarily stopped the airdrop.

This is also a time for the team to fix the current issues of the app, as well as the airdrop program, to make it easier for you to use the app in the future.

3. When will the airdrop reopen?

Expected is at 20:00 Oct 08, 2021 VNT (13:00 Oct 08, 2021 UTC). Download the app and wait until the weekend to join the airdrop. For the safety of the XSB and the future of the XSB.

4. I got an error while using the app

Currently Solareum Wallet is having problems with IOS 15. So if you are using IOS 15, please wait a few days, our side will fix it soon.

5. I did not receive the airdrop after joining

It is possible that while you are doing the airdrop, the server is overloaded, leading to the airdrop not being sent to your account. Please try to do the airdrop again. Next time there will be no account mint token fee.

6. I got an error when participating in the airdrop, what should I do?

Please help us complete this form - Google Forms: Sign-in, we will contact you as soon as possible. Posting on telegram will not help things get resolved faster.

7. White paper?

8. XSB total suply?


9. When does the XSB list?

Currently there is no specific plan, if everything goes according to plan, we will list on serum dex in December.

10. Evaluation - Strategy

11. If I haven’t received the token now, can I get it next Friday?

Of course, when the airdrop reopens you will continue to receive the airdrop.

12. What is the account creation fee?

The Solana network will charge a fee for account creation (e.g. XSB), approximately 0.0021SOL. This fee will be sent to the miners, and Solareum Wallet does not make any profit from this. If you have successfully created an XSB account, but have not received the airdrop. Stay calm, and do the airdrop again. This time you will not be charged any additional fees.

13. Why did I not receive the referral fee?

Based on observations from the system, there is a small portion of airdroppers who mistyped the referrer’s address, with the addition of special characters at the beginning or end of the referrer’s address. For example, the referrer address is 7JbGFAEiu9TaspgRzRcPaaVUhxvBtvBcFkbi5T63Z8X2. While the airdrop maker entered \n7JbGFAEiu9TaspgRzRcPaaVUhxvBtvBcFkbi5T63Z8X2\n\n. The system will not be able to send the airdrop to the referrer in this case. You should double check the information with each other before doing the airdrop.

14. I have been charged, but haven’t received my XSB, what should I do?

Fee 0.0021 SOL, is the fee used to create an XSB account, this fee is only onetime payment. This fee will be paid to servers operating Solana, Solareum is not entitled to any % from this fund. You can rest assured to wait for the upcoming airdrop and do the airdrop again.

15. Solareum will Airdrop until when?

Solareum will airdrop 50% of the total supply of XSB. It is expected to last about 2 years, so you can rest assured that everyone will have their reward. Solareum has a lot of tools and methods to limit cheats. So you can rest assured that XSB will not be sent to those who do not deserve it.

The easiest way to own XSB is to introduce Solareum Wallet to friends and family. The more people download and activate the Airdrop, the more XSB you will receive.

16. I couldn’t recover my wallet, what should I do?

There are some people who cannot recover Solareum Wallet. We encourage you to keep seed phrases. We will try to find the cause, fix it and notify you soon.

17. Is XSB currently on the market?

No, if it does, it’s also a person-to-person operation. No Solareum involvement. Be careful!

18. Solareum is an individual or a business?

Solareum is a software development company established in Vietnam. All activities of Solareum are under the management and supervision of the state. Apple is very strict in releasing Crypto applications to the Appstore, individuals will not be allowed to publish crypto-related applications to the Appstore.

19. Why is Solareum airdropping 50% of the total supply?

It sound hilarious, but actually is for our own interest. We want to bring you something fun and useful. Disseminating crypto to the community is one of the team’s missions. If you’re reading this, we’re sure you’ll get your XSB soon. We completely believe that crypto will play an important role in financial market and even your life in the future and we want to share that idea to everyone. That’s why we build this project with motto: “Build community, For community”