Solareum Core Team Q&A

Solareum Core Team Q&A

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7, Any plan to terminate not active cm in the team?

→ Yes

6, Hey guys, I am unable to host a meeting today. I need to go back to my hometown this afternoon.

→ So I would like to postpone our meeting to next week. I will keep you guys posted. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

5, I consider Indo, Philippine, and India is 3 major community. But I see that the number of member remains the same since Oct. I have a big question for you guys, I hope to receive an answer in our next meeting. What can we do to increase number of those community by 2x in the next month.

4, Next question is do we put our image on website.

→ We dont have any plan for it now.

3, Do we have plan to hire some advisor from hongkong and other country.

→ No, we dont have any budgets to hire advisor from hongkong. Why it's matter?

2, The upcoming meeting will occur at 14:00, 18/12 GMT, thanks, see you there 😎

1, How many tokens do we usually get as half salary and because our 20000 tokens now cost 70?

→ We will send your salary in USDC from now on.