Simplify: Solareum (XSB)

Simplify: Solareum (XSB)

Simplify: Solareum (XSB)

As previous post you probably know what is crypto wallet and how does it work, now let’s learn about Solareum - a crypto wallet and payment protocol.

What is Solareum?

You can simply understand Solareum is a mobile application that allows users to store, exchange and buy and sell cryptocurrencies of Solana’s ecosystem completely decentralized.


Solareum can be considered as one of the best Solana crypto wallet through following achievements:

  • More than 100k downloads
  • Almost 50k holders
  • Partnership with outstanding project: Jupiter, 1SOL, Millionsy
  • Mention by many big channel such as Solana News, The Astronaut, Airdrop Inspector, …
  • Strong community with more than 25k followers on Twitter

What can be expected in the near future?

In 2022, Solareum will focus on developing two main features: crypto wallet and payment protocol

Crypto Wallet

  • Mobile App
  • High security and complete anonymity
  • Store and check balance of crypto assets
  • Send/Receive all SPL tokens
  • Swap feature (by Jupiter and 1SOL)

Payment Protocol

Lightning Reward is coming very close to users, we now still try our best to improve this system and it’s use cases.

  • Developers
    • Integrate Lightning Reward to your project
    • Both side can gain interest
  • Influencers
    • Deep link that connect to your wallet
    • Viewers/Donators can easily tips through Lightning Reward
    • Completely decentralized and incognito
  • End-users
    • Experience crypto world with less than 0.5$
    • Provided many decentralized finance tools
    • Earn reward daily - Up to 40 XSB
    • Refer friends to get more

More focus on marketing

As we just add one specialist in marketing field in our team - Mr. Harry Do. This promise to help Solareum to reach more and more people and also backers/investors

Our aim is to make each users become an influencers, experience our product and invite more friends to join to earn rewars

What makes Solareum different?

Project for communities

Our main goal is to achieve 10M+ users so that everyone can join this amazing industry safe and sound. That’s why we spend 50% our token for Airdrop, everyone is equal in decentralized world.

Provide important finance tools for users.

Contribute to earn

Bring the forum to a new level, making it easier for users to interact with the forum. At the same time, this will also be the first application to integrate Lightning Rewards - Payment Protocol.

Never stop growing

Solareum always moving forward to meet the need of customers. We will actively work with strategic partners to help improve user experience and real-world applications.


Solareum team