Lightning Rewards SDK

Lightning Rewards SDK


Lightning Rewards SDK allows third party developers to integrate the SDK (react-native sdk) into their apps. From there the application has an additional payment option through Solareum Wallet. The payment process is fast, flexible and is done entirely through Solana's blockchain system.

Currently Lighting Rewards SDK accepts 3 tokens during payment: SOL, USDC, and XSB

Some open source code related to Lightning Rewards SDK 🚀

Lightning Rewards SDK Integration

Integrating Lightning Rewards SDK has never been so easy, just 2 simple commands you can integrate the payment feature into your existing application.

import { pay, subscribe } from 'rn-solareum-sdk'

// mở app Solareum để thanh toán 
	address: string;
	token: 'USDC' | 'SOL' | 'XSB';
  // thông tin dùng để xác định một giao dịch trên ứng dụng 
  // client_id sẽ được trả về từ Solareum Wallet sau khi 
  // hoàn tất giao dịch 
  client_id: string;
	quantity?: number;
	scheme?: string;
	e_usd?: number;
  // đây là tên của ứng dụng, giúp app solareum wallet
  // có thể mở lại ứng dụng bên thứ 3 sau khi hoàn thành 
  // quá trình thanh toán 
	source?: string; 

// lắng nghe sự kiện trả về từ Solareum
	client_id: string;
	signature: string;
  status: 0 | 1;
		0: error 
		1: success

Solareum Grants

Integrate Lightning Rewards SDK into your app to get up to 1,000,000 XSB tokens.

The integration with Solareum will also help you to be known by users in the Solareum ecosystem. Besides, Solareum also gives you insights about cryptocurrencies and their uses.


Right after the integration, the project will receive 100.000 XSB

Depending on the number of users per day, the application will receive additional XSB, XSB will be unlocked 5% per month.

  • DAU > 500: 150.000 XSB
  • DAU > 1500: 300.000 XSB
  • DAU > 3000: 550.000 XSB
  • DAU > 5000: 700.000 XSB
  • DAU > 10000: 1.000.000 XSB


Lightning Rewards on IOS:

Lightning Rewards on Android:


  • Nguyen Thanh Quang
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @Solareum_NTQ