Solareum - XSB
Solareum - XSB

Solareum - XSB

Welcome to Solareum Wallet

A crypto wallet based on Solana. A Payment protocol that connects the current digital world to the future of decentralization.




  • Solareum Wallet
  • XSB Token
  • Payment Protocol - Lightning Rewards

💰 Solareum Wallet

This is the first product of Team Solareum, a crypto wallet developed on Solana. This is the first step for Solareum to set foot in the decentralized world. There are some major functions on this wallet:

  • Receive & transfer tokens
  • Swap token using Jupiter
  • Buy SOL using MoonPay
  • Earning with Project Larix
  • Payment Protocol

⚡ XSB Token

The main token that will boot the economy.

In preparation for the launch of Lightning Rewards 2.0. As well as to send sincere thanks to the community, who have been with Solareum since the very beginning. We are thrilled to inform you about the new XSB distribution. This is also one of our efforts to send 50% of the total supply of XSB to the community, which we have mentioned in the White paper from the very beginning. Check out for more -

💸 Payment Protocol - Lightning Rewards

Lightning Rewards defines itself as a payment protocol in the decentralized world of the future. When you can make transactions on any platform, anywhere, in many different ways. Lightning Rewards will closely connect with Solareum Wallet to ensure that the private key will never leave your phone no matter what platform you make transactions on.

It can be understood that Lightning Rewards is a protocol, a set of pre-programmed commands, that enables Lightning Rewards to securely communicate with Solareum Wallet. Therefore Lightning Rewards will not have a definite shape.

Team Solareum as well as its partners will develop applications on this protocol. Applications can be integrated on mobile applications, or on browser extensions, or integrated into games… and other environments in the future.